About Us

American Vintage Rentals came about in 2013, during the planning of our daughter's wedding. We had already married off our son a year-and-a-half earlier with a country club wedding, and our daughter wanted something different -- a rustic-vintage wedding.
We had selected the perfect "rustic" garden venue at Pageo Lavender Farm, and wished to add vintage elements that reflected our daughter and her fiance's personalities, interests and faith.

To begin with, at that time there was very little offered in the way of vintage furniture rentals, aside from down in the Southern California region, but we kept hunting, until we discovered a place east of Sacramento, that had a great selection of beautiful furniture and decorative elements. We were disappointed and frustrated, with the quote given to deliver the items we wanted to our venue in Turlock. It was simply not cost-effective for us, due to the distance. We decided that the money would be better spent on purchasing the vinatge pieces we wanted, for a vintage photo spot, a wedding ceremony backdrop, and specialty areas like the guest sign-in and self-serve drink stations.

We scoured local shops, flea markets and parking lot sales, collecting "perfectly imperfect" vintage pieces. We discovered our love for the hunt - and it became a regular weekend event!  It was during this process that we determined to establish a rental service that would offer affordable rentals  along with great customer service, so that others could actually afford, and have, the wedding of their dreams. Needless to say, our daughter's wedding was absolutely perfect. Guests swooned over the details and had a blast taking pictures of themselves at any of the three vintage "photo booth" spots. The photographer had much to choose from, in creating the most beautiful portraits of the couple, and the wedding party. We invite you to visit our Pinterest board: Pageo Lavender Farm Rustic Wedding

We believe that vintage is more than just a "look" --- it is a "feeling".  A feeling that connects us to the past - to family history, to fond memories of when the world was a different place - where people built things that would last - and it meant something.... We daydream about what it must've been like in those days....relationships were important, and lives had substance, purpose & meaning --- and it is reflected in the beautiful pieces we have collected.  Every piece has a story.  We hope you'll make them part of yours!

We would love to share these beautiful, one-of-a-kind items with you, and would be honored to be the source for your  vintage-themed wedding and party rentals in the central California basin. Enjoy looking through our rental collection here, and we encourage you to also visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, to see more of what we have to offer!

Should you have any questions, or would like to check for your event date availability, please contact us via our online contact form or by calling us at 209-923-6031.

It would be our great honor to serve you :) 


John & Lisa